"Nothing but monsters"

11 octubre 2007

“Ahh, now I know. Now I know where I am. And who I am. Back in that old shithole of New York where I was born, the place where I knew nothing but starvation, humiliation, despair, frustration… every goddamn thing. Nothing but misery. Every bloody street I look down I see nothing but misery, nothing but monsters. Of course, this was the New York that I knew when I was being born, or rather I didn't know it yet. Later, when I began to explore it, why, it's a different city, a little more horrible.

It gets worse all the time. Today, I think it's the ugliest, filthiest, shittiest city in the world. When I was a kid, there was hardly anything that we have today - no telephones, no automobiles...no nothing, really. It was rather quaint. There was color even, in the buildings. But as time went on, why, it got more horrible to me. When I think of the Brooklyn bridge, which was the only bridge then in existence...how many times I walked over that bridge on an empty stomach, back and forth, looking for a handout, never getting anything...selling newspapers at Times Square, begging on Broadway, coming home with a dime maybe.

It's no wonder that I had these goddamned recurring nightmares all my life. I don't know how I ever survived, or why I'm still sane. In fact, I don't know now whether I'm awake or dreaming. My whole past seems like one long dream, punctured with nightmares”. Henry Miller

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  1. Anónimo dijo...
  2. Hola.

    ¿Misery se puede traducir por tristeza o sufrimiento, no sería más apropieado en este contexto?

    Por lo demás, magnifico blog.

  3. Anónimo dijo...
  4. "Misery" tiene dos traducciones naturales:

    1. Miseria (carencia de suficiencias materiales)

    2. Infelicidad, desdicha

    En este caso, creo que se refiere a la acepción 1. porque está hablando de las penalidades por las que tuvo que pasar por falta de dinero, comida, etc.

    De todas formas, buena apreciación traductológica.

  5. Anónimo dijo...
  6. Me ha gustado esta entrada. Opto po rla acepción 1. también. Está bastante claro que pasaba unas miserias (carencias) de órdago.

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