Oliver, the 'human' chimp

13 noviembre 2007

[From Wikipedia] There have been no scientifically verified specimens of a human/ape hybrid, although a performing chimp named Oliver was popularized during the 1970s as a possible Chuman/Humanzee. Genetic tests conducted at the University of Chicago concluded that, despite Oliver's somewhat unusual appearance and behavior, he was a normal chimpanzee;[8] he had the same number of chromosomes as normal chimpanzees. The "hybrid" claims were possibly a promotional gimmick. As a result of being humanized (habituated to humans rather than to chimps), Oliver was said to be attracted to female humans, and did not mate with chimpanzees.

An episode of Unsolved History broadcast on the Discovery Channel on March 27, 1998, as well as on December 16, 2006, during the program Humanzee, discussed the controversies over Oliver the chimp also detailed some of the rumors and urban legends about "humanzees":

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