Top 10 ugliest commercial airplanes ever

07 noviembre 2007

They are everywhere. While we are sleeping, at the office, at home. Hundreds of ugly airplanes fly over our heads everyday and we don't even notice. These are some of the most terrible esthetic crimes on modern aviation:

1. Killer-whale airplanes (Southwest Airlines)

Southwest Airlines named Boeing 737, "Shamu", which is one of three aircrafts that were painted in a killer whale color scheme to represent the SeaWorld Adventure Parks. Just horrible.

2. 'Mickey is my copilot' (Alaska Airlines)

Many companies travelling to Disney World redecorate their aircrafts with its popular characters. Alaska Airlines includes even Goofy, but JAL airlines design is much more spectacular:

3. Aborigin spirit (Qantas)

In 2006, Qantas Australian airline decided to repaint three of their 747's to represent some of the core values of the Aboriginal population of Australia... The result was somewhat scary.

4. Pikachu Airlines (ANA)

ANA Japanese Airways flies four specially painted airplanes as part of its "Pokémon" family of jets. The exterior of the aircrafts is painted with characters from Pokémon, the popular software game and television cartoon series.

5. A salmon in the sky (Alaska Airlines)

The "Salmon Thirty Salmon" is a Boeing 737 painted in the likeness of an Alaska Wild Salmon. Sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, it is among the world's most ridiculous painted commercial airplanes.

6. 'Hello Kitty' (EVA Air)

Taiwanese airline EVA has repainted one of its jets with giant Hello Kittys. Surprisingly, the plane's interior is much worse.

7. Here it comes the McPlane! (Swissair)

In 2005, Swissair launched McPlane for holiday destinations in Europe. If Ronald McDonald is the pilot, I would try to jump out even during flight!

10. The flying panda (ANA)

To celebrate 20 years of flying to China, and 35 years of friendly relations between China and Japan, ANA has decorated a 767-300 in a panda motif to delight passengers in North East Asia.

9. The Simpsons airlines (Western Pacific)

In 1995, Western Pacific airline painted a Boeing 737 this way for the promotion of The Simpsons. Matt Groening didn't take the first flight, as he thought it was going to crash and he didn't want to die in such a situation.

10. The end of the world (Continental Airlines)

NYC 2000 official plane, a Boeing 777 from Continental Airlines, was painted by world-renowned artist Peter Max to promote New York City's Millennium Celebrations. Perhaps, Max was confident in the end of the world predictions and thought nobody would see his creation.

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