How to demolish a building from ground to top

08 enero 2008

"The old 1960s P&O tower in Leadenhall street is being demolished from the ground up. Most towers are dismantled from the top down but due to the unusual design of 122 Leadenhall Street, this building is being dismantled from the ground up". According to Architecture News, "the reason is that the floors are hung from a beam at the roof level which is supported by the core".

The lower levels of the building are being taken apart to reveal a concrete core running down its centre. This is possible because each floor is hung from a huge beam at the top of the tower and supported by the central core. The 15-storey building, erected in 1965, is one of four in the capital to be constructed that way.

A support platform has now been built around the core of the building, and this is being winched up a steel frame (at up to 2 metres/hour) so that the higher floors can be demolished from it [1].

Designed by Richard Rogers and developed by British Land, the new tower will be 225 metres (737 feet) tall, with 48 floors, making it the tallest building in London until the completion of the neighbouring Bishopsgate Tower.