Climbing up the Giant Ice Fang

28 marzo 2008

The Fang in Vail (Colorado) is a world famous ice pillar that forms on exceptionally cold winters. Then, when the weather drops, these cascades turn into a giant pillar of ice: a 50 meters high column and about 8 meter large at the base.

Climbing these ice waterfalls at Vail can be extremely dangerous. Adrenaline courses through the bodies of climbers as they look, necks craning, to the lofty heights of a frozen waterfall. [1]

As you can see at the following video, routes on this climb are prime examples of technical ice climbing and should only be attempted by the knowledgeable and well trained:

Via Vision Beta (nice blog)

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  1. Unknown dijo...
  2. Global warming at work

  3. Anónimo dijo...
  4. This looks just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anónimo dijo...
  6. Wow, Unbelievable climbers!

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