Top 10 best videoclip "mashups"

01 junio 2008

According to Wikipedia, a video mashup is the combination of multiple sources of video—which usually have no relevance with each other—into a derivative work often lampooning its component sources, or another text. They are one of the latest genre of mashups, and are gaining popularity. These are my favorites:

1. Josephine + Juana la cubana

2. Junior Boy's + Jean Luc Goddard

3. Daft Punk + Charleston

4. Gwen Verdon + Walk it out

5. Russian dancers + breakdance

6. Daft Punk + Ruby Keeler

7. Fred Astaire + Smooth criminal

8. Dancing lessons + DJ Tiesto

9. Footlight Parade + Disco Bitches

10. Metropolis + Marilyn Manson