The weirdest "Drive Thrus"

20 febrero 2007

Is there anything you cannot do from your car these days? Maybe you'll get the answer after reading this article:

1. Drive in Churches

Andrew Kaufman, all rights reservedAt the Daytona Drive in Church, in Florida, Christians don't even have to get out of the car. Reverend Larry G. Deitch delivers a sermon from a balcony to the church goers at the parking lot.

This drive-in Christian Church is a converted drive-in movie theatre in Daytona Beach. The minister delivers his message from a high balcony just below where the movie screen once hung.

According to National Catholic Reporter, the congregation attracts an average of 700 people every week. To hear the service, worshipers must tune 88.5 FM.

As you can see at this fantastic Andrew Kaufman’s photo essay, churchgoers receive a packaged Communion kit where they can find some wine for the worship.

Andrew Kaufman, all rights reservedOf course, at the end of each sermon, Reverend Deitch “makes it a point to say goodbye personally to all the church goers”.

Andrew Kaufman, all rights reserved
However, this drive-thru service is not the only one in the world. The Reverend Erling H. Wold opened the early morning drive-in services of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in North Hollywood, June 1965.

2. The prayer booth

A few years ago the “Main Place Christian Fellowship, an evangelical church located in Tustin outside Los Angeles, converted a former photo booth in a nearby parking lot into a drive-thru prayer booth".

"Any driver in need of a prayer can drive through and remain in his car while a pastor on duty prays for him through a window. In addition to free prayers, the booth also gives away free Bibles, bottled water and sometimes flowers".

3. Drive-thru weddings

“For the couple that wants to have some fun and tell their friends they got married at a "Drive Thru" Wedding Window in Las Vegas”.

4. Drive-thru strip club

In Alexandria, Pennsylvania, Climax "gentlemen's club" claimed to be the first, and apparently the only, drive-through strip club in the world. Patrons pulled up next to a tiny window so the drivers could watch through it at $5 per minute.

5. Drive-in Funeral

For some time, Junior Funeral Home in Pensacola (Florida) offered 'an optional drive thru viewing window'. The body was displayed close to the window so relatives could give their last goodbye from the car. The Pensacola drive-thru Funeral home was finally closed, but there's another one in Chicago.

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  1. Anónimo dijo...
  2. Really weird and bizarre!

  3. Anónimo dijo...
  4. The drive thru funeral is just sad. "Yeah, I'll miss you my friend, just not enough to get out of the car." It just seems so detached and cold.

  5. Heretic dijo...
  6. In a car obsessed society such as USA, what do you expect? Just be thankful that we don't have drive-thru health clinics...

  7. Anónimo dijo...
  8. It's not all that weird. That's how Robert Schuller started his Crystal Cathedral in LA. In fact, you can still drive into parts of the parkiing lot there, the windows of the church open and Schuller preaches to the people in the cars, there.

  9. Anónimo dijo...
  10. We are a warm and loving culture aren’t we? It won’t be long until they’re all linked together! In one fell swoop you can celebrate your bachelor party, say your vows, be blessed and sin-forgiven by your local pastor, give your blessings to a friend who’s passed, and grab a burger-all before you have to go back to work!

  11. Anónimo dijo...
  12. why are you stealing peoples fotographs? why dont you ask first if you could use them on your blog? it is not fair usage to just take without asking

  13. Antonio Martínez Ron dijo...
  14. Please tell me which picture is yours and I'll remove it.

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