Urban surfing

26 marzo 2007

Any day of the week, a person who walked by the city of Munich, could easily find this scene:

It is not a fake or a joke. The video is recorded in the heart of the city, at the River Eisbach, hundreds of kilometers away from the next coast line. The history of surfing in Munich goes back into the year 1972, when a small group of surfers found this natural and standing riverwave.

The location is at the Eisbach, which translates to 'ice river', just inside the Englischer Garten in Munich. The standing wave can be surfed the whole year, but the water is always very cold.

Well known and internationally recognized surfers started their careers in Munich. Techniques and manovers were adapted from surfing in the sea and tricks like aerials, 360s and floaters are common on the riverwave.

Nowadays, surfing is a very popular sport in Munich and they celebrate an international festival, the Munich Surf Open, which takes place in the natural wave of the river "Floßlände". Famous names in riversurfing come for the festival every year.

Talking again about the Eisbach spot, the river flows out of a tunnel under the city. And surfers must be careful, as the rock is only about 40cm below the surface.

Curiously, the surfing is not allowed at the Eisbach and the sign you can see in the picture reads: surfing and bathing is forbidden. But it seems quite difficult to forbid anything when people is having such a great time.

More info and sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 / See also: Pororoca: surfing the Amazon

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  1. Anónimo dijo...
  2. Vivo en Múnich y el "Urban surfing" suele ser una de las "atracciones" que más sorprenden a nuestras visitas...
    Enhorabuena por el blog!

  3. Antonio Martínez Ron dijo...
  4. Muchas gracias! No sabes cuánto reconforta cuando me decís que conocéis en persona aquello de lo que hablo y no me he equivocado mucho ;-) saludos!

  5. Unknown dijo...
  6. Very cool. We linked up to your site on today's Hypertext Bazaar at www.memeticians.com. All the best to you. tjc

    Saludos from the Memeticians!

  7. Anónimo dijo...
  8. Good Job! :)

  9. Davis Miller dijo...
  10. I like this place! I love the idea and wish there was a place like this in Astoria, Queens. I am a surfer and found a "real surfer bar" in Point Break NYC. I am kinda jealous ;0PIts filled with surfers, people who like surfers, people who like the beach and people who don't want to live close to town. I really like this place. You know what they have these real Proctor and Channel One surfboards on the wall. It's nice for coming any day of the week and eating a late brunch. The food was outstanding. The brunch and sides were prefect and tasty. It is a perfect "escape" from city living. It is probably one of the only places where you can get a nice frozen pina colada or margarita. The service was on hit. They came up and checked on us so many times and made sure everything was up to par. It gets very active and the bartenders keep everybody having a good time. The bartender was very accommodating. He was nice enough to make a drink, that wasn't on the menu, for me :0) Did I mention the bartenders are nice eye candy. It was amazing to see their “das boot” which is shaped like a boot filled with beer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not drunk…it’s an actual boot shaped beer container ready to be emptied. Try it ..You will love it!! Oh. How can I forget, they even have a wheel o' shots where you just have to spin it and have to drink whatever shot it lands on!! Now call that bar creativity at its best!!! And when I spill a tray full of shots on myself, the bartender so kindly remakes them for me? Good music, too, and the decor helped us weather an otherwise overcast and rainy day. You know that old song "Brandy"? It goes, "Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea." I believe Brandy works here. No reason, I just do. And that song happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine, so that's a plus in my book. You can simply waltz over to this colorful and warm establishment, enjoy some drinks with friends, and walk home. The bar is right at the center, so you can walk to either side for drinks, and the bartenders are friendly and at your service. There is a variety of seating, good music, and friendly neighborhood people to make your time more enjoyable. Not pretentious, very cozy, I think Point Break is a fabulous place to spend some time with friends.

  11. yakuza dijo...
  12. do you have try surfing on G-land???

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