Bruce Springsteen performed incognito in the streets of Copenhagen

10 abril 2007

Joshua Bell's performance at the Washington tube has been reported all around the world but it is not the very first time that a famous musician takes part in an experience like this. On 1988, july 23, Bruce Springsteen skipped a VIP-arrangement during his tour in Denmark and took a walk down the street. There he met the street musician John Magnusson and asked him if he could borrow one of his guitars. Apparently they played a few songs together while about 50 people stopped around and listened to the music. This clip was recorded by one of them:

The performance made the cover of some danish newspapers the day after. A month before, on 13 Jun 1988, Springsteen had played with street musicians at the Piaza Di Spagna, Rome, Italy, in front of 15 people.