Zeppelins over Manhattan

02 agosto 2007

Zeppelins reached their zenith at the beginning of the 1930s, when the airships Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg operated regular transatlantic flights between Germany and both North and South America. Zeppelins flew frequently over Manhattan, as silent monsters floating over the skyscrappers. Even the metal-plated tower on top of the Empire State building was planned as a zeppelin port. In the following video you will see the Hinderburg zeppeling flying over New York, just some minutes before the famous disaster:

USS Macon over New York, circa 1931.
At the top of the post, USS Akron circa 1931-33

A German Zeppelin skims the tops of skyscrapers on October 19, 1924

USS Macon, 1931.

USS Los Angeles circa 1924-1932.

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