Top 10 amazing laboratory reactions

02 marzo 2008

1. Briggs-Rauscher reaction

2. Reaction of Sodium & Chlorine

3. Landolt reaction

4. Magnetic Levitation

5. Colour changing dry ice

6. Supercooling

7. Superheating

8. Ship floating on heavy gas

9. Viscosity

10. Superabsorbent polymer

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  1. Anónimo dijo...
  2. Very good recopilation, some teachers will made this but don´t do it. Why.Science year in Spain has finished but not science.

  3. Anónimo dijo...
  4. Don't do it in your houses!!!
    But I think its very good compilation and it's very interesting for everyone who loves the chemistry

  5. Anónimo dijo...
  6. Superconductivity is not a chemistry

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