Tourist stupidity

07 junio 2005

There’s a stupid tourist inside everyone of us. No matter if you're an engineer, a priest or a professor, you will finally do it. A summer classic: the stupid tourist picture.

Here's our
Tourist Stupidity World Ranking:

1. Pisa lunatics

2. "Bocca della verita" innovators

3. Nose nonsense

4. Sculptural affair

5. Abusing of statues

6. Monumental harassment

7. Raping statues (active and passively)

8. Morning-walkers

9. Nature wannabe

10. Phallic obsessed.

10. Jerk and jerkette sighting

11. Posing with your idol.

12. Groping your idol.

13. Typical jackass at the acropolis.

14. Using a rock to make stupid things

15. Using two rocks to make stupid things

16. We love the views!

17. Paris and London classics

18. Puppet hunters

19. Local people hunters

20. Sick sweet travelers

21. Classic pigeons fool

22. Seinfeld wannabe

23. The teenager

24. Proud of his "skills"

25. The morbid one

26. Him!

27. Digging in our roots

And the classics on the beach:

28. Brainless

29. Thirsty and brainless

30. Definitely disturbed

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